Marian E.

Patient came to our office with the following symptoms:

Constant or very frequent periods of depression, Numbness and tingling in extremities, Frequent urination during the night, Unexplained chronic fatigue, Cold hands and feet, even in moderate or warm weather, Bloated feeling most of the time, Difficulty with short-term memory, Memory Loss, Difficulty in making even simple decisions, Twitching of face and other muscles, Shortness of breath, Frequent or recurring heartburn, Excessive itching, Unexplained rashes, skin irritation/dry skin, Constant or frequent metallic taste in mouth, Constant death wish or suicidal intent, Frequent insomnia, Unexplained chest pains, Constant or frequent pain in joints, Tachycardia/rapid heart action, Unexplained fluid retention, Frequent diarrhea, Subnormal temperature, Excessive perspiration especially at night, Restricted vision, Eyes sensitive to light, Irregular blood pressure, Swollen glands, Bleeding gums, Loose teeth, Sore mouth, Mouth ulcers, Poor concentration, Forgetfulness, Anxiety

Have you or those around you observed any changes:  Yes

If so, what has changed?  How has it changed?

Many of the problems are much better.  I am especially happy that the seizures are done!  I am still working on getting the heavy metals out of my body but it is going a lot faster now that I have all the mercury gone.

Would you recommend this treatment for other with similar symptoms?  Certainly!