Karen M.

Patient came to our office with the following symptoms:

Unexplained irritability, Numbness and tingling in extremities, frequent urination during the night, Unexplained chronic fatigue, Cold hand and feet, even in moderate or warm weather, Difficulty with short-term memory, Memory loss, Sudden, unexplained or unprovoked anger, Difficulty in making even simple decisions, Excessive itching, Unexplained rashes, skin irritation/dry skin, Constant or frequent metallic taste in mouth, Jumpiness, jitteriness and nervousness, Frequent insomnia, Constant or frequent pain in joints, Tachycardia/rapid heart action, Excessive perspiration especially at night, Persistent cough, Chronic Sinusitis, Restricted vision, Eyes sensitive to light, Difficulty seeing in the dark, Swollen glands, Mouth ulcers, Poor concentration, Forgetfulness, Anxiety

Have you or those around you observed any changes:  Yes

If so, what has changed?  How has it changed?

Ability to perspire when working out, Increased stamina, No more fatigue, Sinuses opened up after years and years of swelling and infection, Eschemic bone marrow in jaw bone is healed (was getting progressively worse for the past 4 years), Decreased pain and sensitivity, Improved concentration and sleep (especially since sinuses have cleared), Decreased hypersensitivities

Would you recommend this treatment for other with similar symptoms?  Yes

I can’t believe I waited so long and was walking around like that.