Jean S.

Patient came to our office with the following symptoms:

Unexplained irritability, Cold hands and feet, even in moderate or warm weather, Difficulty with short term memory, Sudden, unexplained or unprovoked anger, Constipation on a regular basis, Difficulty in making even simple decisions, Frequent leg cramps, Excessive itching, Unexplained rashes, skin irritation/dry skin, Constant or frequent pain in joints, Chronic sinusitis, Bleeding gums, Poor concentration

Have you or those around you observed any changes:  Yes

If so, what has changed?  How has it changed?

The unexplained irritability is gone and so is the sudden, unexplained or unprovoked anger.  Constipation is no longer an issue.  The frequent leg cramps have ceased.    Since I had some amalgams removed a few years ago, I’m a little unsure about my symptoms.  Also, my general health has always been very good, and I had the amalgams removed more as preventative care.  I do feel more clear-headed and able to learn new things a little easier now. 

Would you recommend this treatment for other with similar symptoms?  Yes